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Lamictal purchase canada, Lamictal buy online

Lamictal purchase canada, Lamictal buy online

Welcome to Solid Rock Community Church and thanks for being part of a congregation where each and every one is significant. We at Solid Rock celebrate a rich cultural diversity, and we thank God for bringing together a group of people from various nations and ethnic backgrounds that have all found common ground at the foot of the cross. We are a worshipping community and we want you to feel free to worship God in true holiness. You are free to clap your hands, move and stomp your feet and lift your voice in songs and praises to the only true God our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement

Solid Rock Community Church seeks to be a diverse body of believers who worship God through faith in Jesus Christ and promote a wholesome lifestyle. We embrace, affirm and equip for ministry as we strive for excellence.

Vision Statement

Solid Rock Community Church shares the same vision as Jesus Christ: That every soul would be saved and lives would be transformed into the likeness of Christ our Savior.

Purpose Statement

Our purpose as a community of faith is:

  1. To minister to the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical needs of one another.
  2. To be agents of change as we seek to lead others into a life changing experience with Christ.
  3. To be a place where people can feel a sense of connection and purpose.
  4. To positively impact lives locally, nationally and internationally.
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