Introduction to our Ministries

Children’s Ministry
The purpose of this ministry is to attend to our children ages 4 – 10 during the service. This is not babysitting; we teach the children God’s word at their level.

Ministry Leader: Tanya Hill

Church School Ministry
This is part of our Christian education arm of the church where classes are offered for all ages.

Ministry Leader: Lady Jo-Ann C. Blenman

Computer Ministry
In recognition of our advanced technological age, with the computer as a vehicle to communicate quickly and effectively, this ministry is designed for beginners, intermediate and more advanced computer users.

Ministry Leader: Andrew Browne

Dance Ministry
The Bible says to worship God in dance and this is part of our performing arts ministry where our worship is expressed through liturgical dance.

Ministry Leaders: Katrina Smith 

Drama Ministry
This is part of our performing arts ministry and the purpose is to tell the Gospel Story using the medium of drama.

Ministry Leader: Russell Jack/June Browne

Evangelism Ministry
The Bible tells us “he that wins souls is wise” and the purpose of this ministry is to lead men and women, boys and girls to a saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This ministry involves going out into the community and witnessing for the Lord.

Ministry Leader: Evangelist Rupert Henry

Food Pantry Ministry
Jesus said, “I was hungry and you fed me.” This is a ministry of compassion where we provide food for hundreds of people in our community every second (2nd) and forth (4th) Tuesdays of the month, in addition to providing a hot meal for Thanksgiving. By serving in this ministry, you get to see first hand the needs in our community and at the same time help in meeting some of those needs by providing bags of food.

Ministry Leader: Andrew Browne

Health Care Ministry
The purpose of this ministry is to ensure the physical health of our church family. They do blood pressure screenings, first aid and will assist those who need advice or any questions regarding their medications, procedures and/or health issues.

Ministry Leader: TBA

Intercessory Prayer Ministry
The intercessors of Solid Rock pray for the many prayer requests we receive; do spiritual warfare for the church and ministry; keep Pastor informed; pray constantly for Pastor and his family; and are ready to train other personal intercessors. 1 Thessalonians 4:17 says, “Pray without ceasing.” Our early morning prayer provides another opportunity for those who feel the call of God to serve the ministry in this vital area.

Ministry Leaders: Judy Henry (Early Morning Prayer)

Outreach Ministry
This ministry is designed to impact the lives of those incarcerated or in transition, and help them to find hope in Jesus.

Ministry Leader: Sandra Walker

Marriage Enrichment Ministry
Intertwined is the ministry for married couples. In this ministry we minister to each other by getting to the root of what it takes to forge a solid relationship.

Ministry Leaders: Rev. Mark & Sis. Rachel Nelson

Media Ministry
The purpose of this ministry is to maintain quality sound during our worship services, coordinate the recording of services and the duplication of tapes and
video recording of services for live streaming on the internet. This ministry is directly responsible for:

– Sound Engineering
– Compact Disc Duplication
– Lighting
– Visual Aids
– Video
– Website
Ministry Leader: Andrew Browne

Member Care Ministry
The member care Ministry provides service to the congregation, supports the Pastors, supports the vision of the ministry, and participates in other ministries within the church and special events or functions the church presents.

Ministry Leader: N/A

Men’s Ministry / (M3) Men on Mission Ministry
The purpose of the Men of Integrity Ministry is to create an environment of openness and honesty where Godly men can come together in fellowship to grow and learn together about what God expects of us as His leaders and heads of households here on earth. The foundation of the Men of Integrity Ministry is honesty, accountability and service. Click Link for M3 Page

Ministry Leader: Rev. Phillip Jones

Mime Ministry
Mime is another of our performing arts ministries that exists to minister to the people of God through an interpretive art form known as mime.

Ministry Leader: Ann-Marie Henry

Music Ministry
The purpose of this ministry is to lead the congregation in the praise and worship portion of our services. The Solid Rock praise team and choir is an anointed and talented group of individuals that truly elevate us all to another level in Christ.

Worship Leader: Jo-Ann Blenman
Choir Director: Jeré Reid
Lead Musician: Alvin Robles

Nursery Ministry
The purpose of this ministry is to provide child care to infants and toddlers from six months to four years during our worship service on Sunday mornings.

Ministry Leader: Coral Pemberton

Publications Ministry
The function of this ministry is to manage the effective communication and distribution of materials that includes, but is not limited to, the quarterly newsletter. Our goal is to be a “ministry of excellence” and only our best will do.

Ministry Leader: N/A

Public Relations Ministry
This ministry serves as the voice of Solid Rock to the media and other public forums. Their mission is to promote special events and activities being held at the church.

Ministry Leader: Veronique Waterman

Security Ministry
The purpose of this ministry is to create a safe environment whenever services or other functions are held at Solid Rock. Security detail officers work in our parking lot to assist with parking and the safety of vehicles and in the sanctuary.

Ministry Leader: Russell Jack

Singles Ministry (Fullness of Joy)
The purpose of this ministry is to provide an environment where Christian singles can come together in fellowship to learn how God wants us to conduct ourselves as singles in today’s society. We strive to be vessels of living water that the world does not believe is possible for a single person. We, too, are founded on the basic principles of honesty, accountability and service.

Ministry Leader: N/A

Usher Ministry (Ushers & Greeters)
The purpose and function of this ministry is to meet, greet and seat our members and guests as they enter the sanctuary. The ushers/greeters serve as watchmen, servants, disciplinarians and host, just to name a few.

Ministry Leader: Debra Jack

Visitation Ministry
The goal of this ministry is to minister to members who are ill at home, in the hospital or confined to a nursing facility. They represent the Senior Pastor and the congregation during these visits and report back to the pastor on any new needs they encounter.

Ministry Leader: Rev. Inocencia Chisolm

Women's Connection Ministry
The purpose of this ministry is to create an open culture through bonding, growing and learning to formalize a ministry that is devoted to the spiritual and personal growth of women. Our mission is to make the Word of God applicable to our lives, simple to follow, enjoyable and challenging.

Ministry Leader: Rachel Nelson

Youth Ministry
The purpose of this ministry is to address the specific spiritual and personal needs of the young people of Solid Rock. Because Solid Rock is a family-oriented ministry, we do not want to overlook the church of tomorrow. This ministry is designed to compliment what is already being done at home and we meet every Saturday at 3:00 p.m.

Ministry Leader: Rev. Mark E. Nelson

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