Leadership Staff

Whitfield D. Blenman

It is Bishop’s sincere hope that as you grow in the Lord and in the knowledge of His Son Jesus Christ, that you will find that he is more than sufficiently able to meet all your needs and exceed all your expectations.

Eloise R. Morgan

Dr. Morgan’s sincere desire is to serve the body of believers and the community where needed. Her deepest passion is to win souls to Jesus Christ, and to teach, train, and encourage them to be obedient to the teachings of Christ, thereby bringing glory to God.

Mark E. Nelson

Mark gives oversight to the IMPACT YOUTH MINISTRIES at Solid Rock Church of God. The goal of the ministry is to impact the lives of the children and youth in the community by teaching them about Jesus Christ and being a living witness before them.

Jeffery W. Frymire

Dr. Frymire is involved in the preaching ministry at Solid Rock, preaching once a month or as Pastor Blenman needs. He is also involved on Wednesday evenings in the teaching ministry. In addition, Dr. and Rev. Frymire give oversight to the Young Adult Ministry by hosting and organizing a monthly meeting entitled, “Hollywood and Theology” where students watch first run Hollywood movies and discuss the theology and values presented in the films. He truly enjoys and celebrates the staff and congregation at Solid Rock. They are the best!

Inocencia Chisolm

Rev. Chisolm’s earnest desire is to serve not only her brothers and sisters in Christ, but the community at large. She loves sharing the word of God and encouraging believers to not only be hearers of God’s Word, but to live the Word so that it will bring honor and glory to God. She is passionate about empowering and encouraging both young and old women to rise up and become the Virtuous Women God called us to be in Proverbs 31.

Rupert Henry

Evangelist Henry’s goal and vision is to uplift, encourage and empower all generations of people through his God-given talents of art, music and ministry.

Tanya Hill

Tanya’s goal is to provide an environment for children to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and empower them with leadership skills that will benefit them both in the church and the world.

Coral Reid-Pemberton

As nursery coordinator, Coral’s desire is to provide adequate and quality Christ-centered childcare so that parents, guests and members may have the opportunity to enjoy the worship celebration without distraction. Along with her staff, her goal is to teach the little ones about the Love of God, and to prepare them for their transition to the next level.